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We have the knowledge and expertise to provide the following services for our clients:
Business Advisory and Consultancy Services
Taxation Services
Audit and Assurance Services
Accounting and Administration Services
Corporate Secretarial Services
Alliance Services
Business Advisory and Consultancy Services
Our advices are tailored to your needs whether we are about to start a business venture, buying a company, expanding your businesses, selling your businesses or just simply your personal investment options.
Some of the areas of this practice are:
Understanding of Business Environment
Understanding of Governmental Rules and Regulations
Formation of Business Entity
Application of Business Licences
Compliances of Regulatory Requirements
Application for Investment and Tax Incentives
Budgeting, Planning and Control
Review Designs and Implementation of Internal Control Systems
Financial Planning and Control
Corporate Reorganization and Restructuring
Employee Share Option Plans
Share Valuation
Cash Flow Projection
Personal Financial Planning
Taxation Services
Our tax practice deals with both tax compliance and tax advisory services both for individual, enterprises and corporations.  We help plan our client’s tax affairs to minimize the incidence of tax.  We also give valuable advice on individual and cross border transactions.
Our services cover:
Annual Tax Return Filing
Sales and Service Tax Filing
Registration for Sales and Services Tax (GST)
Advice on Withholding Tax
Tax Planning
Advice on Cross Border Issues
Audit and Assurance Services
The focus of our audit is to add value to our clients.  With our evolving audit approach, think beyond the numbers and to consider the true meaning of the information produced and the effectiveness of the system from which it was produced.
Our audit services include:
Limited company statutory audit
Special review and audit tailored to client’s needs
Advice on potential problems and recommendations for improvement
Accounting and Administration Services
We help companies to improve their efficiency by using our skill to prepare their accounts for them in turn freeing their human resources to concentrate on expanding their businesses while we take on the responsibilities of meeting the client’s accounting and reporting datelines.
Services provided include:
Administration and Expenses Processing and Payment
Update of Accounting Records
Payroll Services
Set-up Accounting Systems
Acquisition, Implementation and Installation of Accounting Software
Compilation of Financial Reports
Corporate Secretarial Services
We specialise in advising business start-up, business structures, filing requirements and most other aspects of doing business efficiently in compliances with various laws.
Scope of services includes:
Incorporation of Companies
Formation of Other Business Entities
Registration of Representative Office
Registration of Foreign Company’s Branch
Registration of Business Names
Application for Employment / Dependants’ Passes
Maintaining Statutory Register
Drafting and Maintaining Minutes of Meeting
Filing of Secretarial Returns
Alliance Services
We render assistance whenever approach by our clients. Therefore, we sometimes work closely with profession of other disciplines to offer a solution to our clients.