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Wong Leong & Associates - a full-service accounting and financial advisory firm is recognized for its long-term business commitment to clients. From individuals to privately held organizations to multinational corporations, our clients operate in a diverse spectrum of industries and professions.
Wong Leong offers a full array of accounting, tax, financial, and management advisory services. This gives clients the one-stop consultation centre for them to act quickly and expertly on the issues that can impact them now and in the future. Our services encompass every aspect of a business from incubation progressing to actual birth through growth leading to diversification and globalization.
Clients tap into Wong Leong for strategies and techniques to minimize taxes, maximize profits, grow their businesses, enhance their net-worth, and prepare for a financially secure future. The management of Wong Leong adopts a business orientated approach with personal touch to gain a deep and personal understanding of every client’s business and its challenges. This enables us to offer valuable advices tailored to client’s needs. We bring an entrepreneurial spirit and vision to help strategize solutions, take advantage of opportunities, and optimize benefits to help our clients move forward confidently and successfully into the future.
An important aspect of our professionalism is our commitment to confidentiality. Our clients' affairs are treated with the utmost discretion and care.
Wong Leong belongs to a global association of independent accounting firms and groups, IAPA. Our firm benefits from the support and advice of qualified professionals in other IAPA member firms located in major cities and business centers throughout the world. Through this association, we put clients in contact for advice on expanding operation, uncovering investment opportunities, connecting with potential investors and for many other services.